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Standard modules

CRM: Client relationship manager

I want to manage my customer list with ease & keep records / notes on them.

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I want to invoice on the go with ease, track payments and send statements.

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Digital Forms

Convert your paper forms to easy, online fillable forms.

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File Storage

Upload, store and share files with employees and clients.

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Product Database

Create and manage your product database with various datapoints and imagery.

Visitor Management

Easily manage visitors to your office and report back on visitor logs with ease.

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Product Batching

I have batch tracked products and need to track expiry dates / manufacturing dates.

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KPI's & Goals

I want to track my KPI's & Goals so I can actively see how I am tracking every day.

Asset Management

I want to keep a track of my business assets and log notes against them.

Visual Pipeline

Create a visual KANBAN style pipeline and drag & drop organise your funnels.

Premium modules

Point of Sale

Simple to use retail for shops & markets. Sell anywhere, anytime.

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Job Management / Time Tracking

Manage jobs and timesheets with ease. Project backcosting features and easy billing with just a few clicks.

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Booking Scheduler

Booking management tool for appointment setting. Includes billing and reminder features.

Event Ticketing

Easy event ticketing system from initial online booking funnel to ticket validation on the day.

Website Builder

Create a premium business website and manage it with ease. Our team can help connect your domain name too.


Easily track your teams time in the office or on the road, easy one-click email for payroll processing.

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Learning Library

Build and share learning resources with your team and track their progress.

Inventory Management

Manage procurement & distribution of stock as well as view stock reports and conduct stocktakes effortlessly.

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Up to 1 standard & no premium modules

$29 /month $26 /month Save $36 p/year


Up to 2 standard & 1 premium modules

$59 /month $55 /month Save $48 p/year


Up to 4 standard & 2 premium modules

$99 /month $89 /month Save $120 p/year


Up to 6 standard & 4 premium modules

$179 /month $169 /month Save $120 p/year


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