Time to keep tabs on your growth?

Zulu’s all-in-one business software makes it easy to centrally track KPI’s and goals.

Manage & share KPI’s with the right people, departments and hierarchies.

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Control who see’s what
Easily define who can see what by department. From shareholders to labourers.

Easily visuals
Monitor progress and easily see at a glance how you’re tracking against KPI’s.

Zulu’s many modules seamlessly auto populate KPI’s, saving more time.

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Goals & KPI Software
Made Easy

By regularly monitoring and analyzing KPIs, you gain valuable insights into your operations, enabling you to make informed decisions, identify areas for improvement, and adapt strategies in real-time to ensure you are always on the best trajectory for your business.

Zulu’s KPI module is built to make this an effortless process.

Monitor KPI’s in one place & in real-time

No matter the industry or use-case, Zulu’s KPI module will help you monitor how you’re tracking against overall targets.

  • Seamlessly works with sales, quoting, projects & CRM
  • Get quick at-a-glance tips to see how you’re tracking
  • Create unlimited categories & KPI’s
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Track overall revenues, profitability against company targets.

Men and women discussing at work

View performance of key departments / teams to ensure efficiencies are met.

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Manage performance efficiencies around time and output.

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We are locally owned & operated, focusing on helping SME businesses own their business, and not a job. Zulu has many features including a KPI management software. Check out all the features here & join our growing list of Kiwi businesses:

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