Time to keep tabs on your growth?

Zulu’s all-in-one business software makes it easy to centrally track KPI’s and goals.

Manage & share KPI’s with the right people, departments and hierarchies.

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Control who see’s what
Easily define who can see what by department. From shareholders to labourers.

Easily visuals
Monitor progress and easily see at a glance how you’re tracking against KPI’s.

Zulu’s many modules seamlessly auto populate KPI’s, saving more time.

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Simple & transparent KPI’s...

  • Data is stored safely on our server
  • Easily delete / update / move files at any time
  • Connect files to your projects, quotes and contacts
  • All plans include minimum of 1GB of data

Monitor KPI’s in one place & in real-time

No matter the industry or use-case, Zulu’s KPI module will help you monitor how you’re tracking against overall targets.

  • Seamlessly works with sales, quoting, projects & CRM
  • Get quick at-a-glance tips to see how you’re tracking
  • Create unlimited categories & KPI’s
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Track overall revenues, profitability against company targets.

Men and women discussing at work

View performance of key departments / teams to ensure efficiencies are met.

Trade men with safety gear

Manage performance efficiencies around time and output.

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We are locally owned & operated, focusing on helping SME businesses own their business, and not a job. Zulu has many features including a KPI management software. Check out all the features here & join our growing list of Kiwi businesses:

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