Custom Bespoke Solutions for Smart Businesses

Automate processes, become efficient, improve your bottom line.

Zulu works for hundreds of businesses New Zealand & Worldwide. Is yours next?

  • Zulu - Tailor made to your requirements
  • Adapted to suit your businses model
  • Accessible via mobile & desktop
  • Low running costs, quicker R.O.I

Put your business a step ahead of the competition.

Proven in industry...

  • Retail & Trade
  • Healthcare
  • Professional Services
  • Motorsports & Fleet Management

Move your business forward:

  • All jobs track time, date and team member
  • Live reporting on project cost and profitability
  • Approval system for labour & materials prior to invoice
  • Advanced 'Daily task' list for live information on tasks due

A selection of organisations embracing Zulu...

Zulu Client Logo - Boating & Outdoors
Zulu Client Logo - Fonterra
Zulu Client Logo - Autocard
Zulu Client Logo - NZISM
Zulu Client Logo - NZACD
Zulu Client Logo - Wstar

Introduction to Zulu

After realising my business was hitting a ceiling that stumped growth, I created Zulu. Since expanding my own business, I repurposed Zulu to help other business relieve their bottle-necks and increase sales.

I see many companies thinking they need to advertise more, buy more equipment or hire more staff to achieve their goals. But too often, there are many inefficiencies hindering their potential.

For a custom solution, please get in touch for a consultation and I’ll see how Zulu can help your businesses.

Matt Reid, founder of Zulu