Create, share & collect in Zulu. Scrap the paper...

Forms go missing, forms don’t get filled in, forms get superceded... The list goes on. Zulu has a digital form module that lets you create fillable forms in minutes that you can share with ease, saving on paper costs & storage.

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Zulu CRM on Laptop

Flexible data collection
From simple text inputs, to e-signatures and file uploads...

Zulu CRM on Macbook

Simple for your team
Easy to create & manage. Build forms within minutes & share with clients.

Zulu CRM on phone

Easy for customers
Zulu forms run on any internet ready device, just open the link & fill away!

Excellent features...

  • Fully digital, even your staff can fill-in timesheets online
  • Realtime reporting from Zulu’s dashboard
  • Manage your staffs information easily
  • Automate your timesheets direct to your payroll provider
  • Export information with ease

All your forms, all collected in one secure place...

Printed forms are always at risk of being lost, stolen, manipulated or copied. With Zulu your forms are protected in a password protected panel, and are backed-up daily to ensure they are safe and accessible anywhere in the world, at anytime you call upon them.

Flexible form creation, with many features...

We know our users request things to be kept simple!
Quick form creation icon

Quick form creation

Easily add fields to your form in seconds, build a full form within a couple of minutes.

Automatic emailing icon

Automatic emailing

Setup forms to instantly email to the relevant mailbox.

Advanced field options icon

Advanced field options

Flexible field options like e-signing, file upload, numbers entry, dropdown preset options.

Mobile friendly icon

Mobile friendly

Runs on mobile devices with ease, making it easy for users to fill in on their smartphone or tablet.

Flexible reporting icon

Flexible reporting

Easily analyse & export data with ease from Zulu’s forms. Compare data effortlessly.

Archiving functionality icon

Archiving functionality

Auto-archive forms into tidy folders, just as you would with a paper filing system.

Electronic forms for any use...

No matter the industry or use-case, Zulu’s form module will make data collection a breeze compared to conventional methods.

  • From just $29 per month
  • Easy portal for form admin & reporting
  • Scales with no printing or distribution costs
A lady facing to order in a shop

Customer Facing
Collect a VIP list, laybuy forms, enquiries, competition entries & more...

Webpage on a tablet

Safety & Compliance
Collect health & safety forms, record incidents, hazards & compliance checks.

A group of people listening to a speech

Clubs & Event Centres
Collect visitor information, health & safety information, COVID-tracing records...

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We are locally owned & operated, focusing on helping SME businesses own their business, and not a job. Zulu has many features including digital paperless forms. Check out all the features here & join our growing list of Kiwi businesses:

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