Transparent workforce timesheeting

Timesheeting is that time of the week many businseses hates dealing with. Zulu bridge the gap between your staff clocking in, and your payroll receiving their hours, ready for the next payruns processing.

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Reduce Time Theft
Zulu records the actual time your staff clock-in, not when they ‘think’ they did.

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Simple for your team
Built to make it simple for your staff to record their time & easy for you to review.

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Automation Saves Time
Zulu has automated time saving features that will reduce your admin costs.

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Throw away the paper...

  • Fully digital, even your staff can fill-in timesheets online
  • Realtime reporting from Zulu’s dashboard
  • Manage your staffs information easily
  • Automate your timesheets direct to your payroll provider
  • Export information with ease

Easy clock-in & clock-out for your staff...

We understand your staff won’t want any complications when clocking in. So we’ve developed & tested our timesheet system to be extremely simple. So your staff can get on with what earns your business money!

Powerful features, simplified record keeping...

We know our users request things to be kept simple!
Basic rostering icon

Basic rostering

Easily create rosters for your staff based on their contracted work hours (if any)

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Automatic emailing

Set your timesheets to send to your payroll provider automatically before your pay cycle.

Mobile timesheets icon

Mobile timesheets

Give staff access to clock in and out using their smartphone, from any location.

Verification features icon

Verification features

Limit clock-in by location and even require a photo of the staff when they clock-in.

Flexible reporting icon

Flexible reporting

Easy, basic reporting as standard with the ability to have reports customised to your requirements.

Track time on jobs icon

Track time on jobs

Track time against jobs and backcost to give accurate reports on profitability.

Timesheets for any industry...

No matter the industry, Zulu’s timesheeting module makes capturing your staffs time a breeze. Forget the paper, go digital!

  • From just $49 per month
  • Easily portal for your staff to use
  • Scales affordably with your business
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Small Offices
Great for businesses with a team in-house, wanting simple timesheeting.

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Mobile Contractors
For staff out on the road, Zulu can keep time records as well as gelocation data.

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Remote Workforce
Whether just down the road, or on the other side of the globe. Zulu works remotely.

Join more Kiwi businesses benefitting from Zulu

We are locally owned & operated, focusing on helping SME businesses own their business, and not a job. Zulu has many features including timesheet management. Check out all the features here & join our growing list of Kiwi businesses:

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