Store and share files in Zulu’s modules...

Unlinked systems make it hard to connect your file storage, CRM & project management. Zulu is an all in one platform, meaning everything can be done and linked within the one portal.

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Zulu CRM on tablet

Share files with ease
Use a direct link, or create a time restricted link. You can also add a password too!

Zulu CRM on tablet

Files & folders
Like your computer, Zulu has a simple folder & file system. Easy to manage.

Zulu CRM on tablet

Restrict file access with ease to share what's relevant with the right people.

Zulu CRM on Macbook

Safe, secure, manageable...

  • Data is stored safely on our server
  • Easily delete / update / move files at any time
  • Connect files to your projects, quotes and contacts
  • All plans include minimum of 1GB of data

File management for any industry...

No matter the industry or use-case, Zulu’s file storage module will help not only save you time, but also centralise your information into one place.

  • Included with all plans
  • Data available from just $5 per GB, per month
  • Scale your storage, as your business grows
Group of Employees at Work

Professional services
HR, accountants, lawyers, surveyors & more. Invoice your fees with ease.

Courier man arranging parcels

Distribution & Retail
Sell product & directly invoice from point of sale or via sales orders built-in to Zulu.

Trade man with safety gear

Trade & Construction
Invoice on-site using our web app from your phone. Share directly with clients.

Join more Kiwi businesses benefitting from Zulu

We are locally owned & operated, focusing on helping SME businesses own their business, and not a job. Zulu has many features including online file storage. Check out all the features here & join our growing list of Kiwi businesses:

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