Collect time on the job in one central location...

Forget the days of paper timesheets and late nights totalling up your teams work for the day. Zulu allows you to capture time against a job using Zulu’s smart timer feature, and subsequently ‘one-click’ invoice your customer with ease.

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Zulu CRM on mobile

Works on any device
Use your smartphone to run timers, or run it from your desktop computer with ease.

Zulu CRM on mobile

Simple for your team
Minimal clicks so your team can focus on the job at hand without complexity.

Zulu CRM on Macbook

Billing in minutes
Generate an invoice in one click with ease. Compatible with Xero & MYOB too.

Zulu CRM on tablet

Measurable features...

  • Track time by type, staff & job / project
  • Realtime reporting & clear figures
  • Increase productivity, reduce administration
  • View back-costing summaries
  • Manage team utilisation based on Zulu Timesheets

All your forms, all collected in one secure place...

Printed forms are always at risk of being lost, stolen, manipulated or copied. With Zulu your forms are protected in a password protected panel, and are backed-up daily to ensure they are safe and accessible anywhere in the world, at anytime you call upon them.

Easy time tracking software, with instant billing...

Here are some additional features to make your business more profitable, and productive...
Chargeout rates icon

Chargeout rates

Create & manage chargeout rates with ease. Set blanket rates as well as staff-specific rates.

Time alerts & limits icon

Time alerts & limits

Set quoted time thresholds to manage & prevent overtime.

Bill fixed costs on time icon

Bill fixed costs on time

Set fixed cost for services, and easily track profitability in realtime based on actual time spent.

Track time against jobs icon

Track time against jobs

Use Zulu’s project management to manage multiple projects with ease in one place.

Flexible reporting icon

Flexible reporting

View in realtime time what your team is doing and track revenue verse cost of labour.

Recurring task functionality icon

Recurring task functionality

Create schedule recurring tasks that your staff can then track time against with ease.

Electronic forms for any use...

No matter the industry or use-case, Zulu’s form module will make data collection a breeze compared to conventional methods.

  • From just $49 per month
  • Easy portal for form admin & reporting
  • Scales with ease, whether 10 hours or 10,000 hours!
Lady working on a laptop

Professional services
HR, accountants, lawyers, surveyors & more. Track your labour with ease.

Trade men with safety gear

Construction & trades
Builders, plumbers, electricians - track time & materials costs with ease.

Man drawing on tablet

Creatives & agencies
Marketing, digital agencies, copy writers, photographers track your time with ease.

Join more Kiwi businesses benefitting from Zulu

We are locally owned & operated, focusing on helping SME businesses own their business, and not a job. Zulu has many features including digital time tracking. Check out all the features here & join our growing list of Kiwi businesses:

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