Discover How Zulu's All-in-One Business Management Tool Harmonises with Your Favorite Apps

While Zulu boasts being a practical all-in-one solution that can operate your key day-to-day business processes, we know the value that other apps can bring to the table.

That is why Zulu integrates with other apps to ensure your business is operating at its peak efficiency.

Custom zulu integrations

Some of the many Apps integrating with Zulu...



Xero logo


Accounting software for thriving businesses. Xero helps manage your day to day cashflow and so much more.

Features with Zulu:

  • Invoice and payment synchronisation
  • Credit notes
  • Purchase orders
  • Create and link Contacts
  • One-click Product import
  • One-click Contact import
Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM

Zoho is a comprehensive, enterprise level CRM solution with advanced features and reporting built-in for even more powerful management of your Contacts list.

Features with Zulu:

  • Automatic import of new Leads
  • Automatic import of new Contacts
  • Automatic import of new Accounts
  • Synchronisation of Notes

MailChimp Logo


Email newsletter app that has been around for over 20 years helping people connect with their database via easy to create email campaigns.

Features with Zulu:

  • Contact email synchronisation
  • Audience / segment support
  • One-click export

Microsoft 365 Logo

Microsoft 365

Enterprise email and business communications. Microsoft is a global leader in connecting businesses with smart technology solutions from Outlook to Sharepoint.

Features with Zulu:

  • Email synchronisation
  • Link emails to Projects, CRM & more
  • View emails within Zulu
  • Send emails from Zulu

Custom integrations are possible with Zulu

Custom integration is available...

Nothing is more frustrating than two systems that don't talk to each-other. If you have an App / System that you cannot live without, talk to us about integrating it!

Get the best of both worlds - without the need of double handling data. Zulu can be customised to work with your own systems and applications.