When it comes to managing customer details and keeping track of every interaction you have done with them, you need a system. Further, the system should also handle the accounts and improve customer relationships and much more. For all of this, you need a CRM system - Customer Relationship Management.

What is a CRM System? - Know the fundamentals

Talking about the CRM system, it is used by businesses to manage a healthy relationship with their customers. Further, it also helps the companies to grow because of the customers. It is not just managing the relationships with customers, but the system goes beyond it too. The system can include people engaged with the business, such as suppliers, service users, colleagues, and much more.

Do you want to know about the queries your customers have and the requests they generate?

Do you want to give preferences to every contact detail of the customer at your fingertips?

Then, you are at the right place as the CRM system makes it happen. You will indeed have personal and up to date information about the customers. You tend to understand your customers better, and it gives opportunities for the brands to upsell easily. That's when you start getting new business from the existing customers.

Traditional functions of CRM vs the Modern system

When it comes to the traditional way of managing your customers, it all includes the following. Take a look.

  • Sales forecasting
  • File and content sharing
  • Email integration with mailing systems
  • Instant messaging platform
  • Analytics (dashboard based)

However, with the modern CRM system in place, things have gone much further. Now, you get integration and marketing automation along with customer service. The customer data is kept safe and manageable on the fly. In addition to this, the businesses also benefit from the cloud-based system that's much easier to handle with a fail-safe methodology.

What is a CRM System? - Know the Features of a modern CRM

We talked about the CRM system, the traditional functions compared to the modern ones. Now let us dive into the beneficial features of what a current CRM is capable of. You will find these features in almost every CRM software you use for business.

Contact Management

It is the main feature of any CRM system your business uses. For managing the contacts, you add that information into the system every time you get a new lead. So, that person or a connection becomes a single file on your CRM system. Further, this file includes crucial information such as full name, phone number, address, job or work, etc. Secondly, whatever communication takes place with the customer, everything is added to the file.

Campaign Management

Businesses do marketing campaigns every now often to stay in the news. However, with the help of a CRM system in place, it serves as a backbone to those campaigns. Being a business owner, the person can schedule emails along with social media posts. Further, they can also view ROI (Return on Investment) insights and manage everything properly with analytics. That's the power of a CRM system.


Running a business is not an easier task. However, it is not difficult too if things are in place at the right time. Talking about automation, it saves you precious time, and this is all because of a CRM. Further, the automation features help in making your life a lot easier.

File Sharing and Syncing

You need not end up fiddling with the files here and there. Your sales team can easily track and get information about any file using the CRM system. Further, anything added, modified or deleted in the file syncs well to the cloud, so there is transparency in information being shared.

Sales Forecasting

Well, you don’t run a business to market or managing the ROIs. Here, the CRM system helps you with sales forecasting. By reviewing the past data, companies can take a look at the projected sales figures. You also need to know more about the sales figures, how many products or services you have sold to the customers, and much more.


There you are. So, by choosing one of the best CRM systems or software, your business always gets an advantage. It should be GDPR compliant, easy to use, having integration assistance, and much more. Now that you know more about the functions, features, and benefits of a CRM, it is time to find a perfect solution that suits your business requirements.